OnePlus Watch
Source: Gizchina

OnePlus has taken its time with its products by not rushing them and bombarding the market with a new phone every few months. Be it the smartphones or its latest OnePlus TV or even the truly wireless earbuds. The next logical step is being followed up with potential rumours regarding the specs of the latest venture undertaken by the brand, the smartwatch. Apple has popularised the smartwatch and finally closed its ecosystem with a few other small additions and it looks like OnePlus is on its way to the same, at least when it comes to the phone system.

Laptops and tablets might still be a long way off for the Chinese company but the quality that is promised in unparalleled. The watch will be nothing short of absolute with some room for error since it would be the 1st generation model. OnePlus has previously talked about how its ecosystem of products will communicate with each other to add another level of user experience, in the same way, Apple’s and Google’s products do.

Singapore’s IMDA regulatory body lists a device called the OnePlus Watch on its Telecoms Licensing System, which doesn’t reveal much, besides the model number being W301GB. Despite the lack of information, it’s likely for the smartwatch to run Google’s Wear OS and be powered by Snapdragon’s new Wear 4100 SoC. The Wear OS update might have served as a source of encouragement for OnePlus signalling that it was ready to launch a watch.

What’s truly important, though, is how focused the device is. By that, I mean can OnePlus create a watch that focuses on delivering core functionality perfectly, rather than doing lots of stuff just for the sake of it. Samsung already has the latter covered well. Interestingly, Android Central claims that the new device will have wider availability than previous OnePlus handsets.  This means that maximum OnePlus smartphones will be able to access the watch. This will most likely be accomplished through an update.

Given the lack of details, none of the specs has been confirmed yet. Also, there’s still a chance the watch doesn’t even get commercially released, but that’s more unlikely, as the listing does mention its commercial name. The wait is going to be unreal since OnePlus has outdone itself when it has come to basically everything it has made and the watch will definitely be something to look forward to.