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There are more than 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes currently. More and more people are tuning in to podcasts. According to a study, weekly podcast listeners spend an average of 6hr 37minutes per week listening to podcasts. For more stats on podcasts check this.

There are several apps for listening to podcasts, we’ll cover some of the popular ones. 


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Spotify, an app widely known for music streaming also features a lot of interesting podcasts. 

Spotify has a neat user interface and lets users follow the podcast of their choice. Spotify recently has gotten much more active in the podcasting industry. Spotify acquired a company called Anchor that provides easy-to-use podcast creation tools, followed by the purchase of Joe Rogan Show which is estimated to be a deal worth $100 million. 

Apart from that Spotify has been working with creators individually to launch shows that are available exclusively on Spotify. Being a relatively new player in the podcast industry, the quality of content is likely to increase. The premium version of the app lets you download episodes. Spotify however, doesn’t let users rate, like or drop a review on any of the podcast. 

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Launched in India in Jan 2019, Spotify has gained popularity in the country since. While Apple podcast still continues to hold the position as the top app for podcasts, Spotify is slowly eating away at its market share. It is the only popular app that lets you stream music as well as podcasts. It already has a wide user base among people who use it for music streaming. Naturally, people will find it more convenient to have the podcasts in the same app 

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Apple Podcast

Apple Podcasts

Apple podcast is an apple only podcast streaming app. It is widely popular in the USA. On Apple podcasts multiple podcasts can be grouped under a station This feature will allow you to group podcasts together that you can trigger via Siri. If you listen to a couple of morning shows like The Daily and Up First, you can group them in a “Morning News” station.

Apple podcast has the largest market share in the podcast industry. Apple podcast syncs well across the Apple eco system, from MacOs to Apple TV to Apple watch. On Apple podcast, users can drop a review/leave ratings for a podcast which helps podcasts appear on top charts. Podcast creators know how essential it is to get a good rating on the platform. Since the user base of Apple podcast is significant, the reviews and ratings are also quite reliable. 

One feature that sets Apple podcast apart from Spotify and other apps is Siri. You can use Siri while driving to stream podcast of your choice. This voice activation really gives Apple podcast an edge over Spotify. 

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Google Podcasts 

Tech giant Google recently launched its podcast streaming service. The app interface isn’t as exciting to use when compared to other apps. Google Podcasts displays individual podcast as cards much like google news. The app’s attempt to keep the interface simple by going with white makes it look bland and could use a touchup. 

However, google podcast is a must if you own a google home speaker. You can use google assistant to stream podcasts over your speaker. 

google podcast

google podcast

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Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the best platform-independent streaming apps when it comes to podcast. In addition to the cross-platform syncing, Pocket Casts allows for podcast discovery based on categories or your listening habits, and the app features organization tools for streaming and downloading episodes. It automatically cleans your downloads, deleting episodes you have listened to. The app offers sleep timer, exciting themes and 10GB cloud storage. 

Until recently the app was paid, but after September 2019 the app is available for free across android and iOS

pocket cast

pocket cast

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Audible Suno 

Audible Suno is a part of Audible, which in turn is a part of Amazon. Audible is a platform that offers audiobooks. Audible Suno is not a podcast streaming service in the sense that independent podcasters can’t host their podcasts on it. Rather, the app provides some exclusive, special curated episodes that have been designed by Audible particularly with the Indian audience in mind. 

It consists of some exciting shows by people like Vir Das, Amitabh Bachan, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The user experience on the app is not as good. Being in its initial phases there are a lot of bugs that make streaming tiresome. The discovery system doesn’t look very well organised which makes it hard to find shows a person might be interested in. 

Audible Suno is free on android and iOS.

audible suno

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In conclusion, while Apple podcast seems to be the leader in market share and works seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem, Spotify is coming up and with it’s latest deals the content and the experience is surely expected to get better for the user. Pockets cast provides some unique features that can’t be seen across other apps in the segment. Audible Suno is a great place if you are looking for some content that’s created for the Indian audience in mind. Finally, Google Podcasts is betting on its recommendation engine to lure in users.